Chisel & Mouse - Monadnock Building Model


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Architect: Burnham & Root
Year: 1891
Style: Chicago Style
Location: Chicago, USA
Material: Plaster, metal etching

Dimensions: 28cm high, 9.5cm wide, 5.5cm deep & 1.5kg approximately.


The Monadnock building with its flared base and top and jutting out bay windows is one of the world's most distinctive skyscrapers. It graces the Chicago skyline and is renowned for being at the forefront of innovation. It remains to this day the tallest commercial iron framed building with a load-bearing masonry exterior.

Chisel & Mouse have produced a sculpture of the north side facade, designed by Burnham & Root in 1891. Its striking design makes it one of the finest remaining examples of the Chicago School of Architecture.

Each of our architectural sculptures is handmade in our studio in Sussex, England. They are made of strong plaster that has a reassuring weight and smooth, cool feel. Stylish ornaments, gifts or presents that are handmade in Britain and look fabulous on a desk, shelf or wall.

Address: 53 West Jackson Boulevard, Chicago, IL, United States.

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